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Data Architect as a Service (ARCaaS)

One of the key services provided by Dhanu IT is "Architect as a Service". We will create and integrate databases that are efficient, robust, reliable and consistent so that our clients can manage their vital data.

The database architecture provides a long-term solution for our client requirement, thus, minimizing the effort to rebuild or refine the functions during future upgrades. Our experience and the special focus on the details allow Dhanu IT to create solutions to complexities.

Our Services include :

  • Capacity & Scalability Planning
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Backup & Restore Strategy
  • Data Modeling (Normalized & De-normalized)
  • Star & Snowflake designs
  • RDBMS Product Evaluation
  • Replication Planning & Topology Designs
  • Data Migration Planning

Our work at a glance