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Database Developer as a Service (DEVaaS)

The database is one of the key requirement for an application. Dhanu IT provides support to streamline the processes. Our development services will enable the client business to centralize your data requirements.

Our database development team will work with you closely to design, manage and audit the information as required. With our cross-industry, cross-platform knowledge, and expertise, our application development team will closely work with you to provide an optimal business solution.

Our development team is experienced in creating databases which meet the current market need of robust, scalability and efficiency

Our Services under DEVaaS include :

  • Hands on SQL development
  • Ad-hoc queries or reports
  • ETL, Reporting & OLAP
  • Query Optimization
  • Platform Independent Queries (ANSI)
  • Porting SQL queries from one RDBMS to another

Our in-depth database development expertise will benefit your business from increased accessibility, improved security, automated backups, greater market reach and maximize return on investment.

Our work at a glance